The Hayden Flour Mill

Project Began:
Spring 2011
Project Completion:
Fall 2012
Project Status:


The Hayden Flour Mill, located at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue, is one of Tempe’s most iconic structures with its tall white silos. It had been unoccupied since 1998, fenced off from the public and a no trespassing zone for safety reasons. The City of Tempe’s intention is to someday attract development to that site that is in keeping with the historic and special nature of the building. Until the development market returns to its strength, Tempe and the Rio Salado Foundation rejuvenated the Hayden Flour Mill and its grounds.

The budget for the Hayden Flour Mill project was just under $650,000 and the majority of the funding came from private businesses and individuals with fundraising led by Rio Salado Foundation.

Project Components:

  • A great lawn and stage area was constructed on the north side of the Mill. The new space, in addition to supplying an event venue for small concerts and weddings, also offers community fitness classes.
  • Showcasing the equipment inside the Flour Mill by moving key pieces to window areas and lighting them so they can be seen. Interpretive signs detail the important moments in the Flour Mill’s history as well as explain the equipment and its uses.
  • Most of the temporary chain link fencing surrounding the Flour Mill was removed and a lighting system installed to deter vandalism.
  • Trees in boxes were placed on the grounds in front of the Mill. These trees will be used throughout Tempe when needed. A watering system was also installed for vegetation.
  • The lower level of the Mill was sandblasted to remove graffiti.

Major Donors:

  • Zaremba
  • Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
  • City of Tempe
  • American Outdoor
  • Vulcan, Inc.
  • Cox Communications
  • Sunbelt Holdings
  • Southwest Gas